TraceableLIVE® — Wi-Fi Dataloggers with Remote Notification.

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With TraceableLIVE®, you’re always connected to your critical environments with your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

By simply using the TraceableLIVE® app on your smartphone or tablet, or visiting TraceableLive® on any browser, you’re able to:

  • View current temperature and humidity readings
  • Control your alarm parameters
  • View your datalogging history
  • Generate and E-mail reports
  • Give other team members access to specific devices or groups of devices
  • And so much more!

Do this with any of your personal devices, to ALL your TraceableLIVE® equipment, at any time through TraceableLIVE®.

Simple to set up.

Setting up TraceableLIVE® couldn’t be easier as it doesn’t require any additional software or hardware to setup. It's as easy as one, two, three. Simply purchase a TraceableLIVE® product, connect it to your existing Wi-Fi network, set up an account through the TraceableLIVE® website through any browser, and point your device to your account. Within a few minutes, your device will begin to transmit your critical data to your personal cloud, and you’ll also be able to control your device through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Notifications for Peace of Mind

TraceableLIVE® ensures peace of mind with Mobile Push, E-mail, and text notifications. If any of your TraceableLIVE® devices detect an out of range condition, lose connection to your Wi-Fi signal, or begin to run low on battery, TraceableLIVE® will immediately send you alerts based on your settings.


Mobile Push works through the TraceableLIVE® app. If it’s installed on your mobile devices, an alert will automatically appear if your environment or device needs your attention!


E-mail notifications are extremely versatile as they can be read from your smartphone, tablet, and computer. With e-mail notifications, you won’t miss a single thing.


As an additional layer of protection, TraceableLIVE® also includes alerts through text messages. Insert your phone number and receive alerts through text messages.

How many environments can I monitor at once?

TraceableLIVE® allows for an unlimited amount of devices to be connected. So whether you’re monitoring 1 environment or 1000 environments, you can see how they’re all doing at any time with the TraceableLIVE® app or at Additionally, to make monitoring easier, you can divide access to certain devices or groups of devices to certain individuals in your team or organization. This way, they can only see the environments they need to worry about.

How many TraceableLIVE® devices do you offer?

TraceableLIVE® offers a variety of devices to ensure you have wireless capabilities in all your critical environments. Click the Shop Devices button at the top of this page to view all our devices. If you prefer free personalized help in deciding which TraceableLIVE® device is perfect for your environments, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

TraceableLIVE® Subscription Plans

TraceableLIVE®'s flexible service ensures that everyone can experience wireless datalogging technology. Stay in control of your subscription by adding as many or as few devices as you want at any time and your subscription amount will automatically adjust. Subscriptions for one TraceableLIVE® device begin at just $8.99 a month, and the price drops even further when you add 10 or more devices. For even more savings, be sure to choose annual subscriptions.

per device / year
per device / month
  • For 10 or more devices
  • E-mail and Push Alarms
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • SMS (Text) - Add on (+2$/device/month)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Data Stored?
Customer device data is stored in a SQL Azure database. Report data resides on the Microsoft Azure Platform.
How Long Is Data Available?
Customer device data is available for the life of the account.
What Security Measures Are in Place?
The Azure platform has received numerous certifications for compliance with various security and data privacy standards. These certifications can be found at On January 3, 2017, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Azure has received HITRUST CSF certification which incorporates healthcare specific security, privacy and regulatory requirements from existing regulations such as HIPAA/HITECH, PCI, ISO 27001 and MARS-E.1 In addition to the security of the Azure platform, TraceableLIVE® implements additional security in that, All communications between TraceableLIVE® devices or users and the cloud is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol. TraceableLIVE® uses OWIN authentication TraceableLIVE® uses a role based authorization scheme that restricts app users’ access to functions based on their role (Admin/User). TraceableLIVE® data queries are partitioned by account id, to ensure that no user will ever see data from another user account. Each TraceableLIVE® device is uniquely identified and validated by the cloud service in order for it to connect
What Would Prevent Someone from Hacking Into the Cloud?
In addition to the security measures mentioned above, TraceableLIVE® devices, unlike the IoT devices that have been exploited in many recent security incidents, connect to Wi-Fi networks passively, making the device virtually impossible to compromise. See iOT Security post for more information.
Are emails and other electronic communications encrypted?
Emails sent from TraceableLIVE® are not encrypted because most email users do not use email encryption technologies like PGP. Similarly, the SMS messages sent by TraceableLIVE® are not encrypted. All communications between users/devices and the cloud service are encrypted via HTTPS.
What is the Defined Disaster Plan?
The cloud services and associated infrastructure for TraceableLIVE® is geo redundant and can be spun up in any Azure data center worldwide in a matter of minutes. Microsoft also guarantees a 99.63% uptime as part of its Service Level Agreement on the weakest link in the TraceableLIVE® infrastructure The SQL Azure database backups are retained for 35 days. Databases restore points can be from 5 min – 35 days back.
Web interface to cloud - Is there a recommended browser to be used?
Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE 10-11
Mobile App interface to cloud - What OS' and versions are supported?
iOS 8 forward Android 4.1 forward
What security measures are and are not supported?
Out of the box, WPA2 Enterprise is not supported, however it can be custom implemented for WPA2 networks with username/password authorization methodology. WPA2 networks requiring certificate-based authorization are not supported as there is no method to load a certificate on the device.
What is the size of the data packets?
What is the expected payload?
@15min interval 2kb/hour
What affects would low signal strength have on the product?
Inconsistent device connectivity, reduced battery life
Ways to improve signal strength?
In general, talk to your network administrator. Utilizing a business wireless router, rather than a consumer wireless router can enhance performance and help to ensure consistent and reliable connectivity.
What is life expectancy?
6 months at default 15-minute communicating interval.
What issues could affect battery life?
Communication interval, extended loss of connectivity, environmental conditions (i.e. ambient Temp), time in alarm
After a low battery alarm is received, what is the expected time to complete depletion?
Initial alarm is at 20% (, under standard conditions and communication, 2+ weeks remaining. Reminder notifications are sent every 3 days.
During battery replacement, how to ensure no lost data?
Change batteries within time of logging interval. Each device will maintain stored data not yet transmitted even after battery removal and replacement. Recorded data not yet transmitted to cloud will not be erased until transmission is confirmed.
Is there a battery replacement procedure?
It really is simple and self-explanatory. Four AAA alkaline batteries are required for device operation.
Can a device be manually configured with a static IP address?
No. A device with a desired static IP address is one that you are looking to actively control from other locations. For security purposes, TraceableLIVE® devices cannot be actively controlled.
How can the assigned IP address be determined?
You can access the MAC address of each device during setup by placing the device into AP mode and connecting a computer or mobile device to its network and browsing to This will allow the network administrator to identify the current IP address assigned.
Is there a defined PM procedure?
No/None applicable other than replace batteries and recalibrate/replace device when calibration is expired
Are field calibrations possible?
Not possible for an ISO 17025 accredited calibration. Non-accredited field calibrations can be completed for non-accredited calibration.
Are sensors/probes replaceable?
Sensors are replaceable, but as with any instrument calibration, the full system must be calibrated together if sensors are replaced.
Is there default values expected to be seen if a sensor or sensor circuit is shorted or open?
What liquid is used in the probe bottles?
Propylene Glycol
Are there installation instructions for sensor placement?
It is very dependent on equipment and application. In general, for best uniformity of refrigeration, it is recommended to use two probes per refrigerator, one in the back nearest to the compressor/coil locations, and the other at the furthest point from that, nearest to the door. Some VFC guidance directs that a single probe be placed in the center of a refrigerator.
What is the total number of measurement points stored in each device?
672 readings per channel (7 days@ 15 min interval) and 100 stored alarm events

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